2019 Plaza Art Fair

The 87th Annual Plaza Art Fair

Held Friday, September 21, 2018 through Sunday, September 23, 2018, The Plaza Art Fair encompasses nine city blocks and welcomes a crowd of over 250,000. Featuring 240 artists, the Plaza Art Fair is atop-ranked, national art event with three live music stages and over 25 featured restaurant booths. It continues to be a weekend of people simply celebrating art and each other, as well as Kansas City’s unofficial welcome to the fall season.

Steve and Bonnie Harmston, Featured Artists

Steve and Bonnie Harmston represent a partnership of 30 years of creativity. Though they have both worked in different areas of the arts and selling to the public through all this time, today the work that they do together represents a new focus that reflects each of their unique sensibilities. Steve has a BFA in Printmaking and has spent his career working both as a commercial screen printer and as a printmaker in the fine arts. Bonnie has a degree in Marketing and began selling jewelry at art fairs with her aunt beginning in the 1970's before moving into a career in sales. Together they collaborate on designs that reflects a way of sharing their experiences from travels throughout the wild and rural parts of the land. Their silkscreen prints are the expression of an attachment to this imagery with simple, hand-cut shapes, overlaying a vibrant color palette of translucent and opaque colors.

While other artists may use a brush to paint their images onto canvas, Steve uses something as simple as a #11 Exacto blade. Combining color, simple shapes and the physical aspects of creating their art...the stencil cutting, color mixing and the act of pulling ink across the screen onto the paper all come together to produce unique original pieces of art.

They still embrace the craft of fine art printmaking, printing in very short, limited editions never making commercial reproductions of their work. Avoiding high tech equipment they continue to stay true to processes utilized from generations past to bring vibrant images to life in editions that remain at 50 or less.