2019 Plaza Art Fair

The 87th Annual Plaza Art Fair

Held Friday, September 21, 2018 through Sunday, September 23, 2018, The Plaza Art Fair encompasses nine city blocks and welcomes a crowd of over 250,000. Featuring 240 artists, the Plaza Art Fair is atop-ranked, national art event with three live music stages and over 25 featured restaurant booths. It continues to be a weekend of people simply celebrating art and each other, as well as Kansas City’s unofficial welcome to the fall season.


Invitation Awards

Dennis Angel - Drawing & Pastels
Chris Dahlquist - Photography
Matthew Hemminghaus - Photography
Cali Hobgood - Photography
Meredith Host - Ceramics
Helen Gotlib - Printmaking
Rusty Leffel - Photography
Amanda Outcalt - 2D Mixed Media
Nolan Prohaska - Glass
Seth Smith - Painting

Awards of Excellence

Glenna Adkins - 2D Mixed Media
Jeff Condon - Drawing & Pastels
Andy Fletcher - Painting
Beth Garcia - Ceramics
Carrie Gillen - 3D Mixed Media & Fiber
Clifton Henri - Photography
Erica Iman - Ceramics & Painting
Sue Mersman - Wood
Katie Musolff - Painting
Andrea Terry - Jewelry


Invitation Awards

Mark Allen - Photography
Clifton Henri - Photography
L. John Andrew - Metalwork
Meghan Patrice Riley - Jewelry
Samuel Yao - Fiber
Matthew Hemminghaus - Photography
Kina Crow - 3D Mixed Media
Anthony Hansen - Metalwork
Luke Proctor - Metalwork
Lauren Markley - Jewelry
Helen Gotlib - Printmaking
Andrew Sovjani - Photography
Scott Gamble - Glass
M Kemper - Painting

Awards of Excellence

David Bryce - Sculpture
Nichole Collins - Jewelry
AB Word - Drawing & Pastels
Taman Vanscoy - Painting
Jeff Condon - Drawing & Pastels
Gillian Kemper - Printmaking
Ronald Linton - Jewelry
Michele Ledoux - 2D Mixed Media
Tai Taeoalii - Drawing & Pastels

Polsinelli Best in Show

Melissa Weiss - Ceramics


Invitation Awards

Lauren Markley - Jewelry
Brice McCasland - 2D Mixed Media
Eric Silva - Jewelry
Robert Farrell - Metal
Ed Pribyl - Sculpture
Joseph Graci - Wood
Matthew Hemminghaus - Photography
R. Michael Wommack - Drawing and Pastels
Clare Malloy - Drawing and Pastels
Melissa Finelli - Jewelry
Flora Zarate - Fiber
Susan Frerichs - Jewelry
Susan Hill – Fiber

Awards of Excellence

Erica Iman - Ceramics
Micheal Paul Cole - Photography
Amanda Outcalt - 2D Mixed Media
Taman Vanscoy - Painting
Clifton Henri - Photography
Chris Dahlquist - Photography

Awards of Excellence – Jury Distinction

Beth Bojarski, Painting
Cathy Rose - Sculpture
Mary Fischer - Ceramics
Michele Ledoux - 2D Mixed Media


Invitation Awards

Corey Pemberton, Spruce Pine, NC, Glass
Michael Schwegmann, Bement, IL, Ceramics
Todd Cameron, Minneapolis, MN, Glass
Aaron Hequemberg, Monticello, GA, 2D Mixed Media
Brian Manci, Chicago, IL, Photography
Cali Hobgood, Urbana, IL, Photography
Susan Frerichs, Minneapolis, MN, Jewelry
Matthew Smith, Asheville, NC, Jewelry
Richard Wilson, Greenville, NC, Drawing and Pastels
Jenny Mendes and Mark Roegner, Chesterland, OH, Ceramics
Amy Arnold and Kelsey Sauber Olds, Viroqua, WI, Wood
Taman VanScoy, Long Beach, CA, Painting

Awards of Excellence

Chris Dahlquist, Kansas City, MO, Photography
Leah Evans, Madison, WI, Fiber
James Pearce, Peoria, IL, Wood
Brian Griffith, Flagstaff, AZ, Painting
Lynda Ladwig, Lafayette, CO, Ceramics

Best In Show

Justin Teilhet, Yellow Springs, OH, Ceramics
Betsy Youngquist, Rockford, IL, 3D Mixed Media

Overall Best In Show

Robert Farrell, Venice, FL, Metalwork


Invitation Awards

M Kemper, Oklahoma City, OK, Painting
Meredith Host, Kansas City, MO, Ceramic
Thomas Wargin, Menomonee Falls, WI, Sculpture
Lisa Burge, Taos, NM, Painting
Jay Teilhet, Yellow Springs, OH, Jewelry
Matthew Hemminghaus, Vandalia, MO, Photography
Sam Stang, Augusta, MO, Glass
Melissa Finelli, Boston, MA, Jewelry
Janelle Lile, Duvall, WA, 2D Mixed Media
R. Michael Wommack, Longhorne, PA, Drawing & Pastels
Patty Roberts, Marysville, WA, Metalwork

Awards of Excellence

Tai Taeoalii, Hannibal, MO, 2D Mixed Media
Amy Gillespie, Arlington, MA, Fiber
Nile Fahmy, Salt Lake City, UT, Metalwork
Kina Crow, Allison Park, PA, 2D Mixed Media
Aaron Hequembourg, Montecello, GA, 2D Mixed Media
Robert Farrell, Venice, FL, Metalwork
Benjamin Frey, Buena Vista, VA, 2D Mixed Media
Cathy Rose, New Orleans, LA, 2D Mixed Media
Deborah Mae Broad,  Hawley, MN, Printmaking
John Whipple, Winter Park, FL, 2D Mixed Media

2014 Plaza Art Fair
Artist Award Winners

Invitation Awards

Joseph Bradley, Greenville, SC, 2-D Mixed Media
Micheal Paul Cole, Hannibal, MO, Photography
Toby McGee, Oklahoma City, OK, Glass
Joel Hunnicutt, Siler City, NC, Wood
Matthew Hatala, Dainelsville, GA, Wood
Gena Ollendieck, Cresco, IA, 2-D Mixed Media
Donna Veverka, Boston, MA, Jewelry
Gillian Kemper, Oklahoma City, OK, Printmaking
Heinrich Toh, Kansas City, MO, Printmaking
Jon Smith, Kansas City, MO, Painting

Awards of Excellence

Robert Farrell, Venice, FL, Metalwork
Ruben Fasani, Buenos Aires, Glass
Aaron Hequembourg, Monticello, GA, 2-D Mixed Media
James Petran, Iowa City, IA, Painting
Paul Andrews, Charlotte, NC, 3-D Mixed Media
Richard Wilson, Greenville, NC, Drawing & Pastels
Steven Graber, Baldwin City, KS, Painting
Debra Steidel, Wimberley, TX, Ceramics
Amy Arnold & Kelsey Sauber, Viroqua, WI, Wood
James Nemnich, Indialantic, FL, Drawing & Pastels