2019 Plaza Art Fair

The 87th Annual Plaza Art Fair

Held Friday, September 21, 2018 through Sunday, September 23, 2018, The Plaza Art Fair encompasses nine city blocks and welcomes a crowd of over 250,000. Featuring 240 artists, the Plaza Art Fair is atop-ranked, national art event with three live music stages and over 25 featured restaurant booths. It continues to be a weekend of people simply celebrating art and each other, as well as Kansas City’s unofficial welcome to the fall season.

information for artists

Q: How do I apply for the Plaza Art Fair?
A:  Artists can apply online at zapplication.org during the annual application period.

Q: I don’t have internet access. How can I apply for the fair?
A: Zapplication is the only way to apply to the Plaza Art Fair. Paper applications are not available. Artists without internet access will need to find a friend, family member, library, etc. for assistance in applying.

Q: I don’t have a booth shot. Can I still apply?
A: All artists must have a booth shot. This is something the judges look at very closely. If the artist does not have a booth we ask they set up their pieces as they would display them at the fair. They do not need a canopy. The judges like to see how the pieces are displayed. The booth shot also offers another perspective on how large the pieces are.

Q: How many images are needed to apply?
A: Artists should submit a total of five (5) digital images, professional quality. Four (4) digital images must be of individual pieces of current work and one (1) digital image, (number 5), must be of your current display. The display slide should reveal no names, have no people standing in the booth, and have your work displayed in the booth. If possible, booth display should represent an outdoor booth setup.

Q: I am a painter as well as a sculptor. Can I apply with both art forms?
A: Yes, however a separate application, images and jury fee of $40 must be submitted for each category that an individual artist enters. Multiple applications must represent either work in different media categories or distinctly separate bodies of work within one category. Artists must use a separate and distinct profile to apply in multiple categories.